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“Man is an outdoor animal. He toils at desks and talks of ledgers and parlors and art galleries but the endurance that brought him these was developed by rude ancestors, whose claim to kinship he would scorn and whose vitality he has inherited and squandered. He is what he is by reason of countless ages of direct contact with nature”


James H. McBride, M.D – Journal of the American Medical Association, 1902


During the industrial revolution and with the rapid expansion of urban centers, some physicians warned that human disconnect from nature was not without peril in the realm of human health and vitality.

But what of the science? Is there scientific credibility to the claims of the ancients? Was Dr. McBride right in his warning that we are squandering vitality with our turn away from nature?


In Your Brain On Nature (Wiley, 2012), Harvard physician Eva M. Selhub and naturopath Alan C. Logan explore the scientific discoveries related to the way in which nature immersion and deprivation can work for or against us in our health and well-being. They also examine the ways in which a contemporary disconnection from nature, driven in part by screen-based gadgetry technology, may be shaping broad environmental attitudes and diminishing legitimate pro-environmental efforts.


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